My studio in the spring. The air smells so wonderful in the spring that it is hard to leave home even for a short time.

My name is Angel McIlwain. I am an artist and teacher living in rural Adams County Ohio. I am the owner of Natural Grace, a wholesale paper goods company. I love to make things and I am an avid collector of stuff, inspirations. I have never been bored in my life, in fact I don’t think I will ever have enough time to experience all of the things that catch my fancy.


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  1. I have read all the articles I have been able to find on you, I just finished an Art History class, and am aspiring to be an Art teacher. In my class o had to write about local artists, galleries, exhibitions, and studios. The two artist that I personally knew were you and Terry DeMint, but while researching I realized that other that helping out when I was little, and these pages you’ve provided I know very little about your style of art. If its possible, I would like to cone down and visit soon and see some of the things you’ve done, and discuss some of the exhibits your work has been displayed. My class just finished, however I’m still interested in learning more. There are also a few other places in the community I would like to redrawch and check out now thanks to you, you’re an I.inspirational women. Maybe you could critique some of my pieces and point me in the right direction to turning a hobby, interst and something I genuinely enjoy into a career. please contact me at ericah.mooreclark@gmail.com, let me know if you would be interested. I could walk down if we plan a day to do so.

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