Seeds and Soup

My seeds have arrived! I ordered the an interesting looking broccoli, called Broccoli Romanesco. It is made up of green spiral spikes. I have no idea if it will do well here or if it even tastes good but it sure looks like fun. I also ordered Ruby Queen corn which is one of my favorites for my very poor soil. Ruby Queen is drought resistant and long standing in the field. And it has a really cool reddish purple color to boot. Great for rainbow dinners, served along side  yellow, burgundy and green beans, yellow and red beets, and purple, yellow and red tomatoes. This year I saw an ad for a white tomato. It didn’t look very tasty to me. My peas have sprouted and I am thinking of putting out some early lettuce and spinach with row covers. It is so hard to wait on the fresh vegetable season.

Tomorrow my mother is coming up to help out and I am making onion soup for supper tomorrow. We usually have cheese fondue when mom comes. It is her favorite, and a favorite of the children too. But since I haven’t made any french bread recently I decided soup would be a nice change. We can use up the stale bread as floating croutons on the soup. We like it with swiss cheese melted in the broiler on top of the croutons with strands of melted cheese drifting through the soup.

French Onion Soup

8 to 10 yellow onions sliced on the thin side.

about 4 Tablespoons of butter

about 2 to 4 tablespoons of oil (I like grape seed or olive oil)

a splash (1/2 to 1 cup) of good red wine

2 quarts of chicken stock or chicken and beef mixed (all beef stock is too strong and overpowers the onions)

Melt butter in a soup or stock pot with the oil. Saute the onions slowly on medium to low heat until they begin to brown slightly. Add a pinch of sugar to help the onions caramelize. When you have a nice rich brown color to the onions add the red wine and deglaze the pot and cook off the alcohol. Add the stock and simmer gently. Taste for salt and pepper. Serve with a slice of chewy or stale french bread floating on top. Sprinkle with a generous mound of swiss cheese. Put the bowl of soup with the floating bread and cheese under the broiler until the cheese is bubbling. Be careful of hot bowls. I always have extra bread for dipping and grapes or apples alongside for a nice contrast. My children love this dinner.


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