Plaster Trees

Brad Gray and I constructing trees at Highland Nature Sanctuary, Bill Brown worked with us also.

Chestnut tree. After a base coat of plaster, we rendered the bark with trowels.

The Tulip Poplar

The summer before last, Bill Brown, Brad Gray, and I made an old growth forest of plaster and wood frame trees. I think this was one of my favorite projects ever. The company was great. Bill and Brad are hysterically funny when they are together. And making trees out of plaster was a stretch for me artistically. I was skeptical about the feasibility of constructing realistic species specific bark with wet plaster and trowels on a vertical surface. It worked! And what fun we had doing it! I’m hoping to work there again this summer. In the mean time if anyone needs Faux Bois work in plaster just give me a call.


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  1. Kayla

    Hi my name is Kayla I am looking into how much this construction would cost. Please email at

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