The Moon Book

Last night I had to attend a meeting of the 4H Small Animal Committee. We are responsible for the poultry and rabbit barn at the county fair. We have a very old fashioned county fair. Everyone attends, quite a few people take the week off work so they can participate in the fair. My aunt Norma, the champion baker at the Mason County Fair and Ohio State Fair, shared her secrets for fair baking. Year before last, I won 1st place for my chocolate cake and my pecan pie and 3rd place for my carrot cake.  In the evening all of the prize winning bake goods are auctioned off. Mrs. Ross bought my chocolate cake. Which was very special because she was one of the very best bakers in the county, the one who got the blue ribbon in every category that she entered. I was honored. I didn’t get to bake last year because we had to stay at the fairgrounds and give Sarah’s chickens a bath so they would be fresh and white for showing the next day. I never thought I would give a chicken a bath, its quite an experience.

I’ve been working on the next illustration for the moon book. I started with a pencil drawing, applied watercolor, and I am finishing with oil paint  after applying a glaze barrier. The moon is listening to the bullfrogs and the whip-o-wills. I long for summer. I can almost smell it.

Moon illustration in progress


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