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My First Day

A view of the painting studio in the winter.

Adams County is a rich and beautiful area in the appalachian foothill region of Ohio. I live on a 15 acre farm with my children in the middle of a mostly amish community. The old fashioned sensibilities of my neighbors are charming. When I go to the IGA, a bag boy pushes my cart to my car and loads my groceries in the trunk. And the Ladies Aid at church makes blankets for new babies and sends cards to shut-ins. I loved living in NYC, it was wonderful, exciting and fast, but there is great value in living in a place where everyone knows your name and a real sense of community exists. And I was able to construct my studio my front yard. Of course you can’t get any real great crispy chewy french bread here, but people wave to one another when they pass in car or walking on the road, which might be worth more in the long run. Besides I learned to make my own french bread, wonderful chewy crispy baguettes. We also make our own jam and cheese. We grow apples, peaches, raspberries, sour cherries, elderberries, and red currants for jam. Some of the 4H kids have dairy goats and are willing to share the milk. Freshly made cheese is a wonderful experience.

Be forewarned that my life tends to revolve around food. In a conversation about anything, food will rear its tasty head. My friends make fun of me for this but it is not my fault. It is a family trait. My brothers and my mother, aunts and uncles, great aunts and cousins all suffer from the same affliction. We are all also great cooks. So if I wander off course please forgive me because almost any topic will make me think of food.


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